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AeroGuard International

First-Class Commercial Pilot Training for International Airlines, Universities and Individual Students

The one of a kind AeroGuard International Program provides accelerated pipeline pilot training for leading international airlines from all over the globe while offering tailored training options for individual international students.

Following a strict FAA regulated Part 61 & 141 curriculum taught by experienced instructors, AeroGuard’s International Commercial Pilot Training Program has launched the careers of thousands of pilots flying for major international airlines all over the world.

Our experience partnering with major international airlines and universities has enabled us to create a uniquely successful program which delivers elite accelerated training designed to meet in-country and airline requirements. We understand that support and community are essential for cadets who are thousands of miles from home. AeroGuard International is built to provide just that. The International program includes a dedicated student services team to assist international students in adjusting to their new experiences in the United States. AeroGuard’s Student Housing also allows cadets to be part of a closely knit community to enable and support their success.

  • Customizable Airline & Country-Specific Training
  • 100+ Flight Instructors
  • Housing & Transportation Options
  • Visa & Immigration Support
  • 20+ Years Of Proven Success

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International Partners

AeroGuard partners with international airlines and universities from all over the world to provide elite, accelerated flight training for the world’s next generation of commercial pilots. Below are just a few of our proud international partners.



Why International Airlines Choose AeroGuard

  • Safety-First Training
    AeroGuard ensures that safety is our first priority. Our exceptionally high safety standards are institutionalized into our instructors and students. Our international partners recognize that their students have received the highest level of safety training.
  • Accelerated Curriculum
    The AeroGuard International Program provides elite accelerated training. Program Coordinators work closely with international airlines and universities to provide timelines and standards that meet their requirements.
  • Low Student-Instructor Ratio
    As part of our commitment to provide the highest level of training, we maintain a strict low student-instructor ratio. This ensures that every international student receives the dedicated support they need to be successful.
  • Standardized Fleet
    AeroGuard International students have access to an expertly maintained fleet of aircraft each complete with standardized cockpits and layouts. Maintaining the highest standards, we provide onsite FAA approved maintenance.
  • Weather & Airspace
    Phoenix and Chandler, Arizona offer ideal flight training conditions where students have the opportunity to fly in various weather conditions more than 350 days out of the year in an optimal blend of airspace complexity.
  • Student & Immigration Support Services
    AeroGuard provides a dedicated student services team to assist students in acclimating to life in the United States. Our commitment to student support has helped us become one of the most successful pilot training schools in the world. Additionally, AeroGuard provides visa and immigration support services.
  • International Expertise & Program Customization
    Through our extensive experience working closely with a wide variety of international airlines and universities, we offer a highly proficient level of expertise. AeroGuard has been approved by the CAAC (Civil Aviation Authority of China) and CAAV (Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam). AeroGuard can also customize your training experience to meet your country’s regulation requirements.

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A Safe, Innovative & Accelerated International Curriculum

The AeroGuard International Program provides training based on your needs and the specific guidelines of our airline partners – we work with you to customize the program to meet your county’s regulatory requirements.

All AeroGuard programs have been carefully optimized to provide superior quality training on an accelerated timeline. Most importantly, AeroGuard maintains strict safety guidelines throughout every level of training. Safety is built into our culture and drilled into our students, making us the go-to choice for pilot training for airlines all over the world.

Our international curriculum is typically built from four core courses. We work closely with international airlines to provide customized training solutions based on the needs and requirements of your country of origin.

Private Pilot (PPL)

Course topics include: flight maneuvers; aircraft control and navigation skills; traffic pattern operations; cross-country flight planning; weather reports and services; the national airspace system; and proper aviation terminology.

Instrument Rating (IR)

Course topics include: instrument flight rules (IFR); cross-country procedures; air traffic control operations; navigation systems; flight instrument emergency procedures; and partial and full-panel configurations.

Commercial Pilot Single Engine

Course topics include: advanced flying; upset recovery training; and airline pilot training.

Commercial Pilot Multi-Engine

This final course provides an add-on license to the Commercial Pilot Single-Engine certificate you will have already earned.

Requirements for AeroGuard International

Visa – International Students must have a student visa. AeroGuard International Program Coordinators can provide assistance with acquiring a U.S. Visa from your local consulate

English Language Proficiency – Students must be proficient with English at an accepted international level

TSA Screening – International students must complete a TSA Alien Flight Student Review. AeroGuard International Program Coordinators can provide support and guidance for this simple step.

Tuition – At this time, financing options are not available for international students. If you cannot fund your own training without assistance, a recommended way to secure financial support is by contacting one of your domestic airlines about possible sponsorship opportunities in exchange for employment.

First-Class International Pilot Training

For large scale international partners and individual students alike, AeroGuard has become the go-to choice when it comes to world-class accelerated pilot training. The AeroGuard International Program has been built from the ground up to meet the training requirements we know international airlines are looking for. Our expertise allows us to tailor our program to meet the needs of almost any country in the world.

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